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Visitors Policy

posted Aug 31, 2013, 10:47 AM by Brenda Connelly
    Security at school is a primary concern of the staff and faculty. Due to the need to provide a safe environment, it is always necessary for visitors to sign in the main office and receive a visitor’s badge that gives them permission to be in the building. Visitors are asked to return to the office upon their departure to sign out. Parents are welcome at our school and we encourage them to volunteer during the school day. However, parents must always present themselves in the main office and receive permission to be in the building. At no time should a parent or any other person proceed to a classroom without following procedures for signing in at the front office. Students may not bring visitors with them to class without prior approval from the administration.

General procedures to be followed for visitors:
  •  All visitors must be listed as the student’s legal guardian or listed on the student’s PowerSchool Emergency Contact List.
  • All visitors must present a valid picture ID. 
  • All visitors must be escorted at all times by a district employee. 
  • Outside food is prohibited in the cafeteria or classroom. 
  • The use of cell phones, cameras, and video recording devices is strictly prohibited during the school day. 
  • Visitors will be subject to a background check through the South Carolina Sex Offenders Registry Database. 
  •  Visitors must have an appointment with their child’s teacher to observe in a classroom setting. (parent and/or legal guardian only) 
  • Visitors may not communicate with other students while on district property. 
  • All directives by the school administration and school staff must be followed.