Aspire Testing

CT Aspire is a computer-based, longitudinal assessment system that connects growth and progress from elementary grades through high school in the context of college and career readiness.

Please click the following link to access the online ACT Exemplar practice assessments. These online practice assessments will allow both you and your students to better understand the format of the computer-based version of the ACT Aspire. Use the appropriate username and password for the subject area that you wish to view.




















ACT Aspire Information

Hello, Parents/Guardians/Students

We will be giving ACT Aspire in the spring.  I wanted to share some information and links. I hope this will help answer some of your questions. I will update you on Lexington School District Four ACT Aspire developments as we learn of them. Please use the following link to sign up for emails to receive the latest updates on ACT Aspire from the company itself:

Link to the ACT Aspire website:

This page gives links to the exemplars for reading, English and writing. It also includes information about the number of minutes students will have to take the different tests as well as the number of items to expect per test. Also attached is the ACT Aspire Reading Exemplar, which includes sample passages and items, and the English Exemplar, which contains the language pieces. These exemplars are not all middle-school specific, but they should give an indication of the style of passages and questions that could appear on Aspire. 

Link for the ACT Aspire Demo Site:


This is not a “practice test.” It was designed to give a glimpse of what the test could look like. Please note that some of the samples in the demo overlap with those found in the exemplars. You can play around with this demo, and you can also take your students to the lab to experience the demo. Please note, prior to the actual administration of Aspire, all students will complete an online tutorial different from this demo to familiarize themselves further with the computer, scrolling, dragging and dropping, etc.

Link to download the ACT Aspire Demo Site Login Instructions and Answer Key:

This document includes login and password information for the demo site as well as answer keys.